Six Star Escorts



If you seek out the very best, the creme de la creme, then our six star escorts and elite international supermodel companions are the ideal choice. Stunning and successful, these are the finest available escort girls in the world. From luxury courtesans to the most beautiful travel companions, you will find the erudite conversation, positive energy, and exceptional talent and skills in their field. Whether her career path takes her to an accomplished level of modeling, acting, business, performance art, first class flight attending, super yacht stewarding, academics, or other high up position in a professional industry, she will be the cream of the crop, the best option in her class.
For the perfect companion in luxury hotels, superyachts, (or super yachts for those spelling properly!), mansions and super cars – these are the premium selection of refined and selective gentlemen the world over. Superb quality in education and manners, refined minds, perfectly groomed presentation. When a gentleman seeks a higher class of companion, he is paying for her higher overall quality. Anyone can find pretty, affordable company, but there’s no guarantee of her excellence; everyone thinks they’re gorgeous, everyone describes themselves as high class, beautiful, elite etc.
However everyone also has a different idea of what elite is, and what beautiful is. Finding that perfect match is what is important, and why a trusted matchmaking agent is so important. A greedy or underhanded escort agency can ruin your faith in companions and destroy an otherwise wonderful experience. A private (independent) escort with tickets on herself can also destroy your faith in getting what you were promised, if she is not what you were expecting on arrival or throughout your first date.
Always use word of mouth recommendations, or proceed with caution – listen to your instinct. Yes it is a business, but if they are pushing you too heavily to pay up and book, beware. A high end agency should always discuss your needs with you before asking for payment.
A professional escort agency with any level of success doesn’t need to pressure you. In fact they will not accept every call. They will conduct quite an in depth consultation before discussing fees (unless you ask the cost upfront!) However paying the rate should be only one facet of the entire great experience. Especially at the higher level, you should be treated like any five star company would treat you; professionally, politely and with respect.
So when you are taking your yacht for the week or weekend up the NSW coast, or indeed around the Mediterranean, you should know without any worry that you can call Mystique, request some Six Star models, and receive some of the most beautiful, well behaved, impressive angels available to meet in all of Australia, Asia, Europe or USA. (Many six star models require a Non-Disclosure agreement to be signed, depending how high a level you seek.)
When you’re planning on going skiing in Thredbo or  Aspen, and decide you’d like a gorgeous ski bunny companion to keep you company on those cold nights in front of the fire, you should be reassured easily, by the excellent communication skills, that the lady you’re selecting is a reflection of that agency. They’ve selected her for her excellence in all areas. Booking a six star model escort to join you on vacation should never be a pot-luck situation! You should feel fully confident and assured that the high end lady you are introduced to will be the one to arrive at your meeting.
There should be no disappointments, no false advertising, no unfulfilled promises. Only the beauty of her face, her fitness, her intelligence and her light, fun attitude. Why would anyone pay a premium for less? The top escorts in the world will always conduct themselves with dignity and manners. Gracious and well behaved, they never behave with any arrogant attitude, nor do they demand anything unreasonable. People with tickets on themselves don’t belong in this industry, and certainly not at the top of the range! Self confidence is one thing. Pride is another.
A top escort in Australia or someone who would be considered ‘the best’, should never be proud or egotistical. That would be an anomaly. She’s probably aware she’s special, as she’s reached a certain level in her career and life, but she’s not full of herself by any means. She treats people equally, with the same compassion, consideration and respect they treat her. She’s polite, patient and always takes excellent care of herself, body and soul.
When you want a real GFE escort for a girlfriend experience to rival all others, the top elite escorts whose attitude and conduct is appropriate, (like those on the top gallery level of Mystique Companions),  make sure you get what you pay for by seeking out the right company. Our models are sourced from all over the world, so we don’t need to hire everyone who applies. We actually hire very few applicants.
After all, that’s the whole point of paying more, to receive exclusive quality. Anyone can find anything for less. You pay more for the higher overall quality of a pure, clean, natural, refined, high end, elegant lady, not an available pretty face. You don’t want someone who calls herself ‘VIP’ but then meets hundreds of men for 30-60 minutes at a time. You don’t want someone who thinks they’re God’s gift to men. You don’t want someone who is impatient, rushed, greedy or uncouth. You don’t want a tattooed nightclub tramp. You don’t want someone with substance abuse issues, health issues or anger issues.
You certainly don’t want someone who looks completely different to what you’ve been led to believe and are expecting! You should never have to deal with that kind of uncertainty, discomfort or danger. Anything questionable is not negotiable. Quality is quality. End of story.