Tiaan Marcus

Age: 28
Height: 5'9 - 173cm
Weight : 54kg
Bust : 32B natural
Waist : 25
Hip Measurement: 34
Location: Los Angeles
Hair Color : Honey-Brunette
Build : Slim Leggy


Tiaan Marcus is a beautiful and intelligent print model and health enthusiast, who makes LA her base. With a lovely slender physique and gorgeous smooth skin, she is also a successful commercial model. In fact, her favorite moments of relaxation involve a bikini and sarong, with a good book in the sun. She excels at all manner of water sports of course, such as swimming, yachting, snorkeling, water skiing and more. She just loves to be outside, wearing as little as possible, to feel to sun and the air on her lovely skin.
Her personality is quite Bohemian, yet passionate. While she has a high level of education, one would never know her intelligence, when her natural persona is so dreamy, loving and calm. Although as she speaks, one can sense something more beneath those sparkling, deep eyes.. Tiaan’s company is extremely pleasant, making her a perfect companion for any occasion. She can be your perfect international travel companion.
She has plenty of pockets of time when she is free for longer indulgent appointments also. She loves spicy foods and enjoys exotic flavors.  When asked, her favorite designs come from  Override, Balenciaga, Chanel and Dior. Contact us now to book some time with this pure hearted angel.
This is a 6 star gallery model